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European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry
  • COCIR technlogies contribute to active & healthy ageing
    COCIR technlogies contribute to active & healthy ageing
  • Advancing Healthcare with mHealth
    Advancing Healthcare with mHealth
  • COCIR contributing to recycling economy
    COCIR contributing to recycling economy
  • Impressive innovations coming from medical imaging
    Impressive innovations coming from medical imaging
  • Increased quality and maximum safety with integrated solutions
    Increased quality and maximum safety with integrated solutions
  • eHealth an integral part of COCIR
    eHealth an integral part of COCIR

A Flourishing Spring for COCIR

The first quarter of 2014 is ending with a key activity at international level and the second quarter got off to a flying start for COCIR.

As part of our chairmanship of the Global association DITTA, COCIR attended IMDRF in San Francisco on 25-27 March.

It was a unique opportunity to meet and receive up-to-date information first-hand on how medical device regulations are evolving globally. Software as a Medical Device, a DITTA proposal, was accepted in March 2013.  Under the US FDA leadership, the group made tremendous progress and received a very positive feedback from the attendees.
DITTA was given also the opportunity to present a New Work Item Proposal on used equipments and on the importance of International standards.

This week, COCIR is attending the World of Health IT (WoHIT) Conference, organised by HIMSS Europe and held in Nice, France. The event focuses on shaping and developing the use, implementation, and evolution of eHealth, which has been deemed as one of Europe’s six “lead markets” for innovation.

At WoHIT, COCIR launched the 4th edition of its eHealth Toolkit, focusing on how leveraging modern data-driven approaches can improve healthcare quality in a cost-effective manner. The COCIR toolkit highlights Big Data’s societal value and the contribution of eHealth to personalised medicine. At the same time, a special section of this toolkit concentrates on Vendor Neutral Archiving, presenting innovative trends and solutions that can help healthcare providers share and access medical images and other patient related documents in a seamless way across departments, providers and networks. Considering that regulatory and legal trends can potentially affect the delivery and operation of integrated solutions, we have also decided to provide an updated overview of regulatory trends in medical software and on industry Data Protection recommendations.

COCIR is also taking part and will speak at the first EU summit on chronic diseases, together with key policymakers, stakeholders and interest groups.  EU added value to future needs, future actions, and future policies in controlling the burden and preventing the expansion of the chronic diseases  will be an important milestone. During this summit  COCIR will articulate key elements leveraging the power of medical imaging and eHealth in the context of personalised medicine.

Next in our calendar is the COCIR Annual General Assembly, where we will host a timely forum on future trends and potential impact of medical device regulation on the healthcare ecosystem.
The highlights will be posted on this website shortly after the event.

Nicole Denjoy
Brussels, 3 April 2014

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