COCIR is the European Trade Association representing the medical imaging, radiotherapy, health ICT and electromedical industries. Founded in 1959, COCIR is a non-profit association headquartered in Brussels (Belgium) with a China Desk based in Beijing since 2007.COCIR is unique as it brings together the healthcare, IT and telecommunications industries.Our focus is to open markets for COCIR members in Europe and beyond. We provide a wide range of services on regulatory, technical, market intelligence, environmental, standardisation, international and legal affairs.COCIR is also a founding member of DITTA, the Global Diagnostic Imaging, Healthcare IT and Radiation Therapy Trade Association (globalditta.org).



COCIR promotes harmonisation of regulatory frameworks, supported by state-of-the-art international standards.Our industry provides safe and high quality products and services, which contribute to reducing health inequalities and enhance cost efficiency in healthcare systems.COCIR's key objective is to promote free worldwide trade of innovative medical technology while maintaining the competitiveness of the European medical imaging, radiotherapy, electromedical and health ICT industries.

COCIR Vision for the next 5 years

Realising Europe’s Future Potential in Health  - The time to act is NOW!



  • Provide COCIR's members with competence towards policy makers in Europe and outside
  • Contribute to sustainability of healthcare systems through integrated care approach
  • Promote Research and Innovation as a key enabler for economic growth
  • Drive global regulatory convergence ( Registered once, Accepted everywhere)
  • Optimise the use of International standards
  • Push for national and regional deployment (Digital Health)
  • Pro-active in Green Technology (Eco-Design)


Celebrating 60 Years of Medical Technology Innovation benefiting to Society!

COCIR geared towards the many activities planned for Autumn-Winter in our 60 years Anniversary but not only !

October was  International Breast Cancer Awareness month and we joined the global campaign by promoting the  report  written by Science Business on the value of medical and digital health technology in breast cancer care. October was also the European Cybersecurity Month.  COCIR developed earlier this year seven recommendations for consideration by European, national and regional regulators and we continue to believe those are critical.  Read our paper here.

We are also delighted that the European Commission is putting forward the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan to support Member States in improving cancer prevention and care. COCIR will share more during the next months on how our sector continues to contribute to prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and after care. Political support for ensuring broader EU wide uptake of innovative technologies remains vital.

Now that the EU Commission is going to be up and running as of 1st Dec. (congratulations!)  this is time to look at our expectations for the next political cycle. Realising Europe’s Future Potential in Health - The time to act is NOW!  is available here in several European languages. During the next few weeks we will articulate what this means for us in key different area focus to keep the momentum.

Earlier this month, we were proud and very excited to celebrate our 60 years Anniversary of bringing the benefits of innovation in medical technology to society and patients. To celebrate this landmark, more than 120 healthcare stakeholders from the European institutions, along with medical technology industry leaders joined us for a Gala event and Conference in the Autoworld Museum in Brussels. Presentations from the event are available here  and the video on YouTube here. More will be shared soon including a Highlight Report.

During this celebration we use that opportunity to have our COCIR's latest publication on "European Health Data Space: Towards A Better Patient Outcome". In the paper, we outline why we supports a European Health Data Space, sets out how we would like to see data access managed and who can contribute, as well as how this Data Space should be governed and executed.Download our paper here.

The year is not over yet and are delighted to organize our DITTA Annual meeting on 11 Dec. in Brussels. This will be preceded by a dedicated workshop on nomenclatures. Do not hesitate to register as space will be limited. Click here to read more.

Continue to follow us as we will have more to come soon!

Nicole Denjoy

November 2019