COCIR is the European Trade Association representing the medical imaging, radiotherapy, health ICT and electromedical industries. Founded in 1959, COCIR is a non-profit association headquartered in Brussels (Belgium) with a China Desk based in Beijing since 2007.COCIR is unique as it brings together the healthcare, IT and telecommunications industries.Our focus is to open markets for COCIR members in Europe and beyond. We provide a wide range of services on regulatory, technical, market intelligence, environmental, standardisation, international and legal affairs.COCIR is also a founding member of DITTA, the Global Diagnostic Imaging, Healthcare IT and Radiation Therapy Trade Association (globalditta.org).



COCIR promotes harmonisation of regulatory frameworks, supported by state-of-the-art international standards.Our industry provides safe and high quality products and services, which contribute to reducing health inequalities and enhance cost efficiency in healthcare systems.COCIR's key objective is to promote free worldwide trade of innovative medical technology while maintaining the competitiveness of the European medical imaging, radiotherapy, electromedical and health ICT industries.

COCIR Vision for the next 5 years

Realising Europe’s Future Potential in Health  - The time to act is NOW!



  • Provide COCIR's members with competence towards policy makers in Europe and outside
  • Contribute to sustainability of healthcare systems through integrated care approach
  • Promote Research and Innovation as a key enabler for economic growth
  • Drive global regulatory convergence ( Registered once, Accepted everywhere)
  • Optimise the use of International standards
  • Push for national and regional deployment (Digital Health)
  • Pro-active in Green Technology (Eco-Design)


Our industry's role in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and in ensuring cancer patients are properly supported during this time

This year, our activities will continue, but will inevitably be viewed through the prism of the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the onset of the pandemic, our members’ products have seen strong demand, initially in China and now increasingly in Europe and the rest of the world. Respiratory assistance devices (ventilators), patient monitoring systems, portable X-ray equipment, ultrasound equipment and computed tomography (CT) have all been played important roles in providing the response to the outbreak. In addition, our global companies have adjusted their supply priorities to meet this increasing demand.

In March, we established the dedicated COCIR COVID-19 Information Centre, which acted as an update centre for our activities and as a repository for publications and public statements published by COCIR and COCIR members on their contributions to dealing with the pandemic.

In March, the European Commission announced that it would postpone the Date of Application for the Medical Device Regulation by a year, a development we welcomed. You can read more on our response here.

In other, non-COVID-19 related activities, at our General Assembly in May - a virtual event due to the coronavirus crisis - saw Dr Bernt Bieber of Siemens Healthineers succeeds Dr Jan Kimpen of Philips as COCIR President. Click here for press release. We look forward to working with him.

During European Week Against Cancer, we ran a social media campaign on the invaluable contribution of all our technologies in the common fight against cancer.  In addition we submitted our contribution to the European Commission’s public consultation on its Beating Cancer Plan.

We were also pleased to launch our COCIR 'Call for action: Ensuring cancer treatment in times of COVID-19' and to publish our statement on the 'EU recovery plan: a welcome move and an opportunity to shape the future of health and healthcare'.

We also shared 4 new AI use cases in the fields of cardiology, radiotherapy and breast cancer screening.

On 30 June we published our new report entitled “mHealth: COCIR Recommendations for an effective deployment”. This contains a series of recommendations for the European Commission, Member States and other key stakeholders we believe will accelerate the uptake of mHealth in Europe and increase the benefits for patients.

On 2 July, during our Annual General Assembly - Beating Cancer Together - we launched our paper sharing COCIR perspective and recommendations for Enhancing the Value in Cancer Prevention and Care.

Undoubtedly, there will be more news in what will continue to be a challenging year.

Nicole Denjoy
July 2020